Next Generation Portable A/C

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Options for Any Aircraft (Single Engine Pistons to Turbines)

  • Extreme versatility: Aircraft Climate and Aircraft Climate Dual to meet any size/weight requirements.
  • Powered by our included 12-foot cigarette lighter adapter or long-lasting battery pack (over four hours of battery life).
  • Beat the extreme heat without the added cost or hassle of installed-a/c.
  • A portable air conditioner worthy of your airplane — made with only the highest quality components.
  • Colors to match any interior.

Backed By Advanced R&D

  • Our German-made pump circulates freezing water through aluminum evaporators.
  • The freezing water reduces the temperature of incoming air to near-freezing temps.
  • Our quality fans expel a strong stream of cold air out the adjustable spout.
  • Water is our "secret ingredient." The high specific heat of water allows it to serve as an effective "energy store" allowing users to receive cold air for hours. Just add at least 12fl oz of water and as much or little ice as needed.
  • Use the control panel to cycle the fan between "High" and "Low" and power the pump "On" or "Off."


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