Aircraft Climate Dual

Optional Remote & Battery Pack: None
Color: White
Sale price$1,595.00

Powerful cooling solution for larger aircraft owners.

Perfect for aircraft owners who want a serious blast of cooling.

Our team of pilots wanted a less expensive solution to hot summer days that did not impact useful load year-round.

We developed our “Portable Aircraft Air Conditioner." They are made in North Carolina—the birthplace of aviation.

This does not simply blow air over ice:

It works by circulating ice water (you add ice before use) through two evaporator cores. Air is sucked through these evaporators by two Italian racing fans, and then directed out via dual flexible air spouts.

Dual Flexible Air Spouts Can Be Extended/Angled Anywhere in Cabin

Totally Portable:

Our Italian racing fans ensure the kit draws minimal current, while providing powerful cooling. It can hook up to the cigarette lighter (Aircraft Climate Dual draws under 10A) or our optional power pack.

It fits either in the backseat or luggage bay, and the adjustable spout allows you to direct cooling anywhere in your cabin.

Fits All Light GA Aircraft - Backseat or Luggage Bay


  • Provides strong cooling
  • High temperature setting can cool a cabin by up to 32 degrees.
  • Portable
  • No STCs required
  • Draws less than 10A (see our smaller option if you need lower draw)
  • Flexible spout to direct cold air anywhere in cabin
  • Hours of cooling performance
  • Aircraft Climate Dual has two spouts with dual Italian Fans

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Dimensions of Body: (L) 21.375" x (W) 16.125" x (H) 15.75" (height does not include adjustable spout)
  • 20lbs empty weight (holds up to 26lbs of ice)
  • Plugs into "Cigarette Lighter" or our optional battery pack. 

Read "product disclosure" prior to purchase or use. Follow all FARs, applicable regulations, and POH/manufacturer/A&P recommendations and guidelines. 

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