Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers Make a Big Difference

Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers

With the Mercedes R107 (350SL, 450SL, 380SL, 500SL, and 560SL, growing in popularity and collectability, our team is receiving ever more calls from owners asking about Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers. People want to know, “What is the difference in American bumpers and Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers?” and “How hard is it to install Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers?” While our team is only a phone call away—and we are happy to offer any advice you may need about Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers—we thought we would create a comprehensive outline to help you understand the various options and costs.

 Key Differences

In the early 1970s, the United States implemented the “5 MPH Bumper Regulation.” This Regulation stipulated that cars sold in the United States must be able to impact an object/surface at 5 MPH or less and not sustain any damage. For the Mercedes R107 cars, this marked the end for factory “Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers” sold in the USA.

Mercedes ceased to equip American and European R107 cars with the same bumpers. American cars, starting the mid 1970s (this shifted during the Mercedes 450SL production), began to receive the unpopular “park bench bumpers.” These bumpers stick out much farther than the Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers and significantly impact the cosmetic appearance of R107 Mercedes.

These cars were designed with Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers, so the American bumpers are an afterthought. They cause Mercedes R107 cars to look bulky and poorly proportioned.

The Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers, on the other hand, are much closer fitting to the car’s body. They are sleek and slim. They make the Mercedes R107 look nimble and sporty.


The cost of a Mercedes R107 Euro Bumper kit varies. Many people opt to purchase a used set of bumpers. However, this strategy can often present additional issues as body shops are frequently unable to mount the older bumpers (sometimes they are bent, or the mounting points have rust issues). Additionally, the older rubber is often degraded and damaged.

Our company, which also operates sells parts in the aerospace industry, partnered with our trusted machine shop to provide new Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers that are manufactured to the exact same specifications as the original Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers, using the same processes. Additionally, we sourced top-notch rubber trim pieces, to make sure the Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers look exactly like they would from Mercedes in 1972.

Cost Differences

Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers can increase the value of your R107 (example):

 1975 Mercedes 450SL With Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers 1975 Mercedes 450SL Without Mercedes Euro Bumpers
$7,000 $9,500

While many folks initially don't like the price of Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers (they tend to cost between $1,750 and $2,650 depending on options—either new or used), our team has discovered than in almost every instance Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers increase the value of your car enough to pay for them.  

For example, a Mercedes 450SL equipped with American bumpers might be worth $7,000. However, a comparably conditioned 450SL with Mercedes R107 Euro Bumpers could fetch $9,500. Unlike most modifications, this one truly does pay for itself.

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