Portable Aircraft Air Conditioner -- Introducing Aircraft Climate
Portable Aircraft Air Conditioner—Born in the Home of Aviation

For those of us who fly single engine and twin pistons (and some of our turbine friends) and decided a significant upfront cost and an annual maintenance cost (along with lost useful load) for a/c wasn’t worth it, we developed the Portable Aircraft Air Conditioner. While winter flying is extremely comfortable—assuming your heater does not leak carbon monoxide—summer flying can be almost unbearable without a Portable Aircraft Air Conditioner.

In the South (and most of the North, as well), outside air temperatures can easily exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit (and in many areas 100F). This can make flying extremely uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous. Numerous studies have shown extreme heat to cause fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and other dangerous conditions. However, for non-turbine owners, we really don’t have many options. That is why we created the Portable Aircraft Air Conditioner.

Our Portable Aircraft Air Conditioners, which are manufactured here in our performance vintage Porsche, Mercedes, and Ferrari parts center here in North Carolina, make a significant impact on cabin temperatures.
Portable Aircraft Air Conditioner can reduce temperatures by 32 degrees
• Cool for over three hours on the low setting

As pilots, we pride ourselves on using premium equipment—whether that be our phone stand, our headsets, or other accessories. Our team found existing portable a/c products to be extremely underwhelming: they looked cheap, were often manufactured overseas, and broke easily. Some of our passengers even laughed at cheesy red coolers that some manufacturers had make into portable a/c products.

We started with a different mission: create the highest quality Portable Aircraft Air Conditioner and offer unbeatable support.
• Our Portable Aircraft Air Conditioner is made from an insulated enclosure that can hold ice for days (while off).
• It uses an Italian racing fan, that draws minimal current and is entirely waterproof.
• We use German-engineered electronics to control the system, with numerous safety features.

Our Portable Air Conditioner is not only better performing than the competition, but it is also much better looking. From our years of experience designing performance auto parts for vintage Mercedes and Porsches, we have crafted a Portable Air Conditioner truly worthy of being in an airplane.

Our team would be happy to offer you any advice—don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.
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