Volvo Amazon Coupe Sedan Bumper Kit (1956-1970)

Sale price$995.00

We are pleased to offer a replacement bumper kit for the 1956-1970 Volvo Amazon (USA-Spec). Our custom-manufactured bumper kits meet the meticulous original standards of the 1956-1970 Volvo Amazon.

As Volvo Amazon cars have appreciated considerably in the recent years, a replacement bumper kit is a great way to refresh the exterior appearance of your Volvo Amazon. We work with numerous restoration shops across the US and the EU that specialize in Volvo Amazon cars. Our 1956-1970 Volvo Amazon Bumper kit includes everything you need and is easy to install for body shops or at-home mechanics.

If you need replacement bumpers for another vintage Volvo or another style of bumpers for your Volvo Amazon, checkout our other listings. We offer bumpers for most vintage Volvos. All orders ship from our St. Louis, MO manufacturing and distribution facility.

Our bumper kits include front and rear bumpers for your Volvo, along with all necessary hardware.

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