2016-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Apple Carplay Conversion Kit

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Are you ready to upgrade the outdated interface of your 2016-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser? Our Apple Carplay conversion kit is a complete replacement head unit for your 2016-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser that will completely eliminate the outdated hardware and software, and upgrade your 2016-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser to modern standards. With complete wireless Apple Carplay (and Android auto for Android users), our 2016-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser replacement head unit will allow you to stream your favorite music and use all of your iPhone features with ease. 

We have a variety of custom-tailored Apple Carplay upgrade kits and have experience in making sure they are easy to install and function as seamlessly as possible. Most folks (DIY or professional) can install this Apple Carplay conversion kit in a 2016-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser in about 1.5 hours. Our kit includes all needed wiring harnesses and adapters, making everything plug-n-play for your Land Cruiser. 

Our Apple Carplay conversion kit preserves all original features in your 2016-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser, including your backup camera, steering wheel controls, climate controls, and more. 

Reach out to our team today with any questions about upgrading your 2016-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser head unit. 

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