1238301285 Mercedes W123 Climate Heater Control Unit

Sale price$410.00

Are your climate control functions no longer working on your 1979 to 1985 Mercedes W123 240D 300D 300TD 280CE 280E? 

The 1238301285 Mercedes W123 Climate Control Unit is a common source of failure. After years of wear and use, the Mercedes W123 Climate Control Unit degrades internally and the button contacts corrode. 

Our fully-remanufactured units come backed by a 3-year warranty. Our team follows intense industry standards to return the 1238301285 Mercedes W123 Climate Control Units to factory specifications. Damage components are replaced and all indications of wear are meticulously serviced. We intend for our parts to last your car another 40 years. 

All remanufactured parts are serviced here in the USA! Our price includes a $200 core charge, which 100% refundable as soon as we receive your faulty 1238301285 Mercedes W123 Climate Control Unit. 

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