Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install the climate control electronic upgrade kit?

Most folks can install the kit within two hours.

Does the climate control electronic upgrade kit require extensive mechanical knowledge to install?

The installation process is very simple, and clearly outlined in the instructions that ship with your kit. Many people with very rudimentary DIY skills and basic hand tools can complete the job.

Are all the functions of the original climate control system preserved?

Yes. Once the electronic upgrade kit is installed, nearly every aspect is the same as the original system.  The only difference between our system and the original is our unit allows for faster activation of the heat and A/C.

Will your climate control electronic upgrade kit work if my vacuum system leaks?

Sadly, it will not. Just like the original system, our unit relies on the function of your car's vacuum system. If there are major vacuum leaks or cracked diaphragms, those issues will need to be corrected before installation of the upgrade kit.