MercedesFix is now Hamilton Motor Company

We have been selling our automatic climate control servo replacement kit through our brand, MercedesFix, for years. During this time, we have impressed and helped hundreds of customers. We are eternally grateful for your business and support. 

More recently, during the pandemic, with the explosion of DIY automotive repairs, our business has grown substantially. Customers have appreciated our unbeatable service and generous support services. They have demonstrated their appreciation by constantly referring our products to friends and family. Thanks to our wonderful customers, our team has decided to rebrand our business as Hamilton Motor Company and drastically grow our product line, so we can help more automotive enthusiasts, DIY mechanics, and shops around the globe. 

We have a lot in store over the coming year and are excited to continue to serve the auto community! Thank you for your patronage. 

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Alexander Günther

Alexander Günther

Hello, its me Alex from the company Schad Mercedes Oldtimer Germany.
We have received your air conditioning Valve Kit.
Installation and function is Perfect.
More orders will Follow in next Time.

Best regards
Alex from Germany

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